You have to send me an email : . If you leave a comment on my Facebook page or my website, I’ll send you to my email address.

I’ll better speak to you in english or french, my german is not that good.

Then, you’ll have to inform me about what kind of shooting you want. After that, you tell me your ideas and wants if there are ones. If you don’t have any idea and you prefer to trust me on this, I’ll see what could be interesting for both of us. Obviously, It’s not because you asked me that I’ll change my habits of photography and my style, If you chose me, I think that it’s for at least one reason, that. Then, we’ll see together for the date of the photoshoot.

We can also have a coffee or something like that before the shooting or the D Day to make you feel confident.

The D Day

We meet at the place we spoke earlier. Don’t worry, I don’t bite. The photoshoot happens in a cool and friendly atmosphere. I make you confortable, I can put some music on if you need to, all of this for you to be as relax as possible. There is no stress to have, this moment is YOURS.

If you’re lost, I’ll show you the way, however if you feel confortable and you want to move by yourself, no problem, I’ll just say to you my propositions.


During the days after the photoshoot, I’ll send you the list of the photos I selected before to do the 2nd sorting and selection together. You’ll answer me by pointing me the photos you want to keep.

To take back your pictures retouched correctly (Light, Colors, Imperfections,…) you’ll have to wait during a period of at least 7 working days to receive the pictures in digital format (OneDrive).

No need to look at me with kitten eyes, no untreated photos will be given. I ask that my name « Doris Durand » or a link (my Facebook page or website) appears on each publication and that you don’t retouch or crop them.

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